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Episode 51 - How to Make a QR Code Treasure Hunt

March 26, 2017

As many of you will know – I LOVE QR Codes & have blogged about them extensively over the years. I simply love how rapidly they connect those scanning them to digital content, avoiding the need to manually enter a URL or search term manually (which takes forever).

However, while I love QR Codes for accessing information – the first time I ever used them in a Physical Education class was as part of Treasure Hunt activity, which I blogged about in 2009 here.

Essentially a QR Code Treasure Hunt is an activity you can use to encourage students to get active while discovering QR Codes hidden all around the school, classroom or local area. These QR Codes could reveal questions that students need to answer or suggest activities/exercises that students need to complete. The opportunities are endless.

QR Code Treasure Hunts are so much that they form an activity during the PE Geek Workshops. So with this in mind, I wanted to share with you one of the simplest ways to piece together and question & answer style QR Code treasure hunt.

See the step by step video below showing you how to use the QR Treasure Hunt Generator at Classtools.net

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